Microsoft slashes Xbox games, consoles prices ahead of holiday season

Microsoft announces $399 as discounted price for the Xbox Series X which is $100 less than its Black Friday discount
The image displays an Xbox console controller placed on a mouse pad. — Unsplash
The image displays an Xbox console controller placed on a mouse pad. — Unsplash

Microsoft has kicked off a range of discount offers across a selection of Xbox games alongside its Series X and Series S consoles and Elite controllers.

According to IGN, Walmart and Target earlier offered the console at $349, a $150 reduction from the retail price, going below what Microsoft offered at Black Friday deals.

Discounts on Xbox consoles and games

Responding to this, Microsoft announced a lower price for the Xbox Series X. They reduced it to $399, which is $100 less than before and a bit more than the discount it had during Black Friday.

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The discount offerings were posted on Xbox's official social media and are a better deal than the discounts offered by various prominent retailers, which ranged from $100 to $150.

Besides game offerings, retailers are giving discounts on other Xbox stuff. For instance, Walmart is selling Xbox Wireless Controllers for $45, and Target has an Xbox Elite Series 2 Core Controller for $106.99.

Although Microsoft hasn't clarified how long the $399 deal will last, people believe it will remain available through 2023, and it's only for the United States.

Despite acknowledging challenges in competing with Sony's PlayStation, Microsoft remains committed to its Xbox console business. It aims to release more exclusive titles from its first-party studios and intends to introduce mid-generation refreshes for both the Xbox Series X and S next year.