Microsoft Surface Pro 11 revealed at Microsoft live event: Check specs, release and more

OLED HDR display keeps Surface Pro 11's screen quality top-notch, delivering near infinite contrast, better brightness, adaptive colour
An  undated image of Surface Pro 11. — Microsoft
An  undated image of Surface Pro 11. — Microsoft

Microsoft, a formidable contender in the realm of technology, has instigated a war of AI integration into PCs and laptops with the introduction of its new Surface product lineup. 

New Surface Pro laptop: Surface Pro 11

Being a new addition to the Surface family, the Surface Pro 11 bears so much resemblance with other Surface devices that they seem identical to a distant observer, yet it comes with some big tweaks. 

To tailour it as per one's need or want, it's offered with a kickstand with a wide range of angles, while the new Surface Pro Flex keyboard can be used in both manners: attached or detached. Moreover, to keep intact stability and an enlarged haptic touchpad, it features extra carbon fiber layers. 

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What keeps its screen quality top-notch is the OLED HDR display, delivering "near infinite" contrast, better brightness, adaptive colour, and Dolby Vision IQ. On top of it, the Surface Slim Pen offers great precision and smoothness for input with Zero Force Inking and 4,096 pressure points.

Surface Pro 11 specifications

Serving as the backer of tremendous AI power under the hood is the integration of Qualcomm's Snapdragon X series processors and the insights mentioned in the table provided below. 

Battery life of up to 14 hours is guaranteed on the device, while 90% faster performance compared to the Surface Pro 9 is definitely a treat considering the price point it's offered at. 

If appeasing video quality is something you're desiring for, then feel free because its ultra-wide, quad-HD front camera will do the rest, and will also keep the focus in control as you move. There's also a 1OMP Ultra HD rear camera that supports 4K video. 

Coming to the connectivity side, it offers support for Wi-Fi 7 to deliver fastest speeds available and an option for 5G. 

Microsoft Surface Pro 11 release date and price

Much to enthusiasts' delight, the Surface Pro 11 has been slated to go on sale by June 18 with a vast array of choices presented for processors (Snapdragon X Plus and Snapdragon X Elite), memory (16GB and 32GB) and SSDs (256GB to 1TB).

Bear in mind that the Surface Pro 11 with OLED display (from $1,499) is the only model which is offered with Snapdragon X Elite 32GB of RAM and 1TB of storage.