Microsoft teams with Semafor to produce AI-backed news content

Microsoft will help news organisations in determining and improving methods and regulations to utilise generative AI
A Microsoft logo is seen on an office building in New York City, July 28, 2015. — Reuters
A Microsoft logo is seen on an office building in New York City, July 28, 2015. — Reuters

Microsoft has announced that it's partnering with Semafor and some other news organisations to produce news content with the help of generative artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

The partnership is primarily aimed at assisting the fraternity of journalist get its content-related chores done swiftly, neatly. and in a less demanding and effortless manner. The details regarding the financial tidbits of the partnership have not been revealed.

The Redmond-based tech giant will help the firms, dealing with news-centric content production, in determining and improving the methods and regulations to utilise the generative AI technologies for news gathering and other such business operations, according to a blog post published by Microsoft, as reported by Reuters.

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Semafor is planning to launch "Signals", a breaking news feed, for journalists to ensure a timely delivery of analysis and insights on crucial news developments that are time-bound and need to be published on urgent basis. However, Journalists opting to do so will also have to get a helping hand from generative AI tools from Microsoft and OpenAI.

The collaboration occurs at a time when Microsoft and OpenAI are facing a lawsuit, lodged by New York Times, for making the consensual use of publication's published content for training their AI technologies.

However, both the tech giants said the utilisation of copyrighted data to train AI is "fair"a legal doctrine overseeing the unauthorised use of copyrighted material.

Organisations which Microsoft is partnering with include the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism, the Online News Association and the GroundTruth Project to devise strategies to deploy the AI technology into their works and newsrooms.