Modder breathes new life into device with GBA SP screen transplant

Satoh makes some nice custom work on the company's different portable systems
An undated image of Nintendo Switch Lite. — Nintendo
An undated image of Nintendo Switch Lite. — Nintendo 

Have you ever looked at a Nintendo DS and thought it would be interesting to change the top screen with a Gameboy Advance SP? Or glanced at a Super Nintendo controller and wished it had a GBA SP screen mounted on the back?

Whether the users have it or not, hardware modder Hairo Satoh, also known as Retrohai hai Softbank. The users are covered with some seriously cursed reimaginings of Nintendo's handheld systems.

The users get into mutant Nintendo handhelds, or "frankententos," the users should keep in mind that Satoh also makes some nice custom work on the company's different portable systems. They are custom-made.

This one, which they recently posted, is an excellent example and the users are known for their Transparent Case Stans, but this one takes it a step further with colourful holographic stickers and a ChromaFlair-style colour-changing gloss, moreover, it plays Game Boy Advance games.

The controller mod isn't the only time Satoh has converted a console gamepad into its own handheld. The GBA SP screen looks well at home on a SNES (or Super Famicom, technically) pad and it also works with a PS2 Dual Shock controller.

However, why not also put one on a Nintendo DS Lite? Even if this is a mash-up of the two most appealing pieces of hardware Nintendo has ever created, it makes no logic. This is also when things start to become a bit cursed.

How many of these include proprietary hardware on the inside? How many of them are imitating Nintendo handhelds rather than modifying the original hardware components to fit? If we receive a response, we will probe deeper.