Moto GP 24 game review

Moto GP 24 is delivering remarkable experience since it released in May
An undated image of Moto GP 24. — MotoGP
An undated image of Moto GP 24. — MotoGP

Moto GP players are excited as Milestone's latest release, Moto GP 24, hit the market with an amazing racing experience. The licensed racing game was out earlier in May 2024.

The Moto GP 24 offers a solid racing experience with its deep handling mechanics and comprehensive championship coverage. It features all teams and riders from the 2024 Moto GP, Moto 2, and Moto 3 championships, along with the 21 circuits scheduled for the year, including the Sokol circuit in Kazakhstan.

Just like Formula 1 (F1), Moto GP 24 has a balance between accessibility and authenticity that caters for both newcomers and professional players. The game's riding aids provide a lifeline for beginners, while the advanced handling model challenges experienced sim racers to push their limits.

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One standout feature is the introduction of adaptive AI, a system that adjusts opponents' skill levels based on the player's performance. Although effective in career mode, its reliance on consistent play may pose challenges for casual gamers.

The career mode receives an upgrade with the addition of a rider market which allows AI riders to switch teams or classes between seasons, adding depth and unpredictability to each playthrough.

While the game offers a lot of customisation options for riders, the absence of historic bikes and the removal of features like the pre-race formation lap may disappoint longtime fans. Despite these drawbacks, Moto GP 24 delivers stunning graphics, challenging gameplay, and an authentic representation of the sport.