Music Frame from Samsung: Making music good-looking?

Pair them with a TV, a high-end gadget, or revel in its capabilities as an standalone device, they're made to soothe your ears
The image shows a person holding a picture frame. — Unsplash
The image shows a person holding a picture frame. — Unsplash

Ever heard of good-looking music? Well aware we are that you must be pondering over the absurdity of us, Gad Insider, linking looks — a physical aspect— with music. But wait. Just cast a look at the looks of this to-be-revealed Music Frame by Samsung which is going to be in the limelight this CES.

Wait more, as the CES 2024 stage won’t be won with just the visual appeal of this Music Frame. The quintessential device also enhances sound waves. No matter if you pair it with your TV, a high-end gadget, or revel in its capabilities, it is made to soothe your ears.

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Samsung Music Frame design and performance

  • Note that these are not digital photo frames. Like regular picture frames, they are still quite thick, around a couple of inches.
  • They're wireless because you don't need any speaker wires. However, they still need a power cable because they are powered speakers.
  • Whether you put them on a wall with the power cable hidden, or place them on a stand or table with the cords managed in a more traditional way, they won't look messy.
  • The Music Frame speakers are pretty innovative in their own right. They look really cool. They sound pretty good.

Samsung Music Frame price

Since the product hasn't been officially launched, we don't know the price yet. However, if you're the type of person who wants to set up a bunch of Music Frames in your well-designed home, you probably won't be too concerned about the cost. And we're hopeful that the device won't cost more than a couple hundred bucks.