MWC 2024 Barcelona: Gemini will now assist you in Google Messages

Gemini in Google Messages lets users draft messages, brainstorm ideas, plan events, or simply have a fun conversation
The image shows Gemini written on a black background. — Google

The image shows Gemini written on a black background. — Google

The sun set on first day of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, yesterday, giving rise to some picturesque sights on the releases and teases of the most awaited, and class leading smartphones and gadgets and whatnot. 

And as it has risen to let us capture the glimpse of what has long been brewing to alter the dynamics of consumer electronic and high-end devices this year, let us reflect on one of the most formidable enhancements introduced into the sphere of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) on the first day of MWC 2024.

Google yesterday, on the stage of Fira de Barcelona Gran Via convention center, disclosed that Gemini has been added into the Google Messages to let users “draft messages, brainstorm ideas, plan events, or simply have a fun conversation.”

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Running on the LLMs of Gemini 1.0 and having been rectified to adopt to align with a individually diverse responses, the AI chatbot will be added as a new conversation in the messaging app.

Not only will the bot assist in text-based matters, but will also let users generate images by entering just text commands, while users would also be able to upload images to inquire about the objects. However, it will not serve for voice memos or as a virtual voice assistant.

These are the example prompts users can put for various outcomes:

  • I haven’t reached out to my friend in a while. Help me draft a short message to check in and reconnect.
  • Suggest a 3-course dinner menu that’s impressive but manageable for a novice cook. Dietary restriction: vegetarian.
  • I’m going to a social event where I barely know anyone. Come up with a few interesting conversation starters.

As far as the privacy is concerned, the AI bot will not have access to your individual or groups conversations as it will dwell in the Google Messages as a one-on-one AI-assisted chat partner. 

It should be noted that there's no end-to-end encryption as you're directly interacting with Google.

The existing Gemini Apps Activity setting applies, with the ability to select between a 3, 18, or 36-month retention period. You also have the ability to turn off Gemini Apps Activity in which case chats are only stored for 72 hours.

Smartphones that support Gemini in Google Messages

Since the bot will start releasing for select users in open beta later this week, users with the following mobile phones may access Gemini in Google Messages app. 

  • Pixel 6 or later
  • Pixel Fold
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 or later
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip or Z Fold