Natwest banking app down

Over 3,700 people face issues using Natwest app and its services
An undated image displaying NatWest apps logo. — NatWest
An undated image displaying NatWest app's logo. — NatWest

NatWest app, the renowned banking app of the National Westminster Bank based in London, England, was down for thousands of users across the UK.

As per the reports noted by DownDetector in this regard, over 3,700 people faced issues using Natwest app and its services.

Natwest online banking app down

Considering the reports about the malfunction emerging on various other platforms, it appears that the Natwest app services were affected by some error which has so far not been recognised by the company.

Natwest app down, but since when?

In light of the reports highlighted earliest in time, the problem started at around 5.30am yesterday, with Natwest users taking to social media platforms to raise their concerns pertaining to the non-functionality of the app and notify the developers by bringing the issue to light. 

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A user said, "Like countless others cannot access my account either online or via the app! Please sort this or give an update as to what is happening - no good just asking for a DM!"

Despite exerting their frustration out at the company and inquiring about both the issue and its resolution, some users seemed more worried about if they would be charged for attempting to make digital transactions or pay their bills during the downtime.

"App and online banking down, I'm sure you are aware, hopefully, customers who can't access their accounts to pay bills and make transfers won't be charged any fees applied by Natwest?!" another user asked.

Addressing troubled users, official account of Natwest posted on X (formerly Twitter), "We're aware that customers currently aren't able to access their app or online banking, adding that they've reported this internally and the issue was being looked into by the tech team.

"We're hoping this will be resolved as soon as possible," the post added.