New Gmail feature simplifies subscription management

You can filter groups by sending “less than 10,” “between 10 and 20,” or a time frame
A representational image. – Google
A representational image. – Google 

Google is working on a new feature for Gmail that could make it much simpler to manage your subscription right from your mobile devices. This feature, discovered by the industry expert AssembleDebug, will introduce a “Manage Subscription” section to Gmail’s sidebar menu, gathering all your newsletters and promotions in one place.

When tapped, this option will lead you to a “Subscriptions” page displaying all the mailing lists you’re currently subscribed to. According to Tech Radar, this window will organise messages based on the criteria that you specify.

While the exact criteria remain unknown, AssembleDebug found code strings hinting at filters that will allow you to highlight mailing lists based on the number of messages they send out per quarter. You can filter groups by sending “less than 10,” “between 10 and 20,” or a time frame. Each entry will feature the mailing list logo alongside an unsubscribed button.

The concept is to provide users with insights into which mailing lists send out the most newsletters every few months. However, without an official announcement from Google, the details remain speculative. 

Nevertheless, users on Reddit claim to have encountered the “Manage Subscription” feature in their Gmail mobile app. Some users saw a blue window announcing the section, but upon clicking, the page appeared blank or was endlessly loading.

These rumours suggest that the update could be nearing its launch. If and when it rolls out, “Manage Subscription” will be a valuable addition alongside recent Gmail updates like the more prominent unsubscribe button.