New iPad Pro models will release on THIS date: Rumour

Delay in new iPad Pro release has likely been prompted by numerous development-oriented and production issues Apple is facing
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An undated image 

Tech giant's upcoming iPad Pro models have long been in the spotlight for reportedly being the biggest update to the iPad lineup since 2018. That being the case, these purported top-of-the-line iPad Pro models have already begun making waves and catching the eyes of Apple enthusiasts.

Latest iPad Pro release date

Considering the initial spate of rumours regarding the latest iPad Pro models, the devices were expected to hit the market somewhere around March or April, but since we've already walked past March and are about to be done with the ongoing April, it appears that the launch timeline of new iPad Pro models has been dragged a little.

The delay in the release has likely been prompted by the company being faced with numerous development-oriented and production issues.

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Apart from that, a separate series of leaks suggest that the launch of new iPads has been “repeatedly postponed.” The persistent obstruction is speculated to have emerged from hardware and software-related issues.

The new iPad Pro and iPad Air models are slated to debut with iPadOS 17.4 under the hood. Outside the hood, the iPad Pro models are expected to offer OLED screens that are said to surpass any other screen Apple ever produced.

The production of these displays has required the use of new manufacturing techniques, which have reportedly caused delays. According to Bloomberg, the new iPad Pro and iPad Air are expected to be launched in "early May."

Display Supply Chain Consultants analyst Ross Young stated in a report that the new iPad Pro models will start shipping from Apple's supply chain this month, indicating a potential May launch. Young mentioned that production of the 11-inch iPad Pro is trailing behind the 12.9-inch model.