New stickers added on Instagram Stories: Here's what's new on them

Reveal sticker hides story content from viewers and to see what a user has shared on Stories, users must DM the poster
An undated image displaying Instagram open on a mobile screen. — Pixabay
An undated image displaying Instagram open on a mobile screen. — Pixabay

A frequent Instagram user over there? Brace to embrace the addition of a pack of new stickers for your Instagram Stories as the Meta-owned platform has rolled out a bunch of them. 

With Stories becoming a conventional way of expressing your ideas. thoughts and opinions, as well as imparting people in your friends and family on social media platforms about what's going on in your lives, this has also become a battlefield for competing platforms to outdo one another by improving the user interface (UI) of the feature. 

That is being achieved by social media platforms by introducing new features to make Stories look appeasing. Using the aforementioned elements and features, users can be more creative when uploading stories (AKA statuses) and stand out among people they follow and get followed by.

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Given the rising interest in people, Instagram has added a series of new Stickers besides a couple of other features. One of the freshly integrated features enables users to make stickers from existing photos in their albums. The following development was confirmed by the company in an official blog post. 

Reveal sticker on Instagram

The most astonishing feature among all the newly added stickers is the Reveal sticker which hides the story content from viewers. Those willing to see what a user has shared on Stories they must DM the poster. Once the poster is delivered to the person who posted the Story with the Reveal sticker, the viewer will be able to see the contents of the Story regardless of it being an image, text or a video-based reel. 

Add Yours Music sticker on Instagram

The company is also adding a Add Yours Music sticker on Instagram, where followers can add their choice of music to the poster's story. This feature works similarly to the Add Yours images or Reel sticker. Viewers can click on the sticker to create a story with the same sticker, along with their own choice of images and music.

Frames sticker on Instagram

Additionally, Instagram Stories will now include a Frames sticker option, which instantly turns any photo into a Polaroid-like print. 

Cutouts sticker on Instagram

The Cutouts sticker option allows users to create stickers with cutouts from different images to use on Instagram Stories, as the name suggests.