New Xbox console tipped to be in the works

Microsoft is likely to use Arm for this upcoming console instead of X86 CPU cores
An undated image of Xbox. —
An undated image of Xbox. —

Rumours have long been swirling around an updated iteration of the Xbox console, suggesting that it is expected to launch soon. Alongside a detailed sneak peek into its key capabilities, it is said to be a definite departure from what fans have been expecting over the past few years. 

These consoles are likely to reach new heights because of their customised hardware, setting ideal standards for outstanding gaming performances.

A few tipsters suggested that Microsoft has allowed third-party companies such as ASUS, MSI, and Gigabyte to get a licence and customise their specified model of the Xbox console. 

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However, Microsoft has not officially confirmed this news yet, and it is likely to use ARM for its yet-to-be-launched console instead of X86 CPU cores.

Also, this shift to align with third-party companies is likely to have a positive impact on the American tech giant Microsoft, focusing on software as well as other services, assisting them in reaching a broad range of audiences and generating maximum revenue through subscriptions and software sales. 

From the industry’s perspective, Microsoft's strategy is expected to set high standards in the development and marketing of gaming consoles. This change would bring significant variety and choice, as third-party companies could also introduce intriguing features and designs. 

New Xbox release date

The release date of this next-generation console has not been revealed and there is no official confirmation about the authenticity of this rumour from Microsoft yet. However, reports suggested that it is likely to be released in 2026.