Next gen TWS AirPods may alleviate Apple’s low selling woes

Tech analyst claims 4th-gen AirPods will entail new design, overhauled case, and USB Type-C support
An undated image of Apples next-gen AirPods Pro. — Apple
An undated image of Apple's next-gen AirPods Pro. — Apple

Apple has seen low sales for its 3rd generation AirPods due to it being slightly similar to its previous iteration, the 2nd-gen AirPods, but with notable differences being a higher price of Rs 19,900 compared to Rs 12,900, in India, and a distinct design.

Tech analyst Mark Gurman, in his latest newsletter, explained why Apple will launch its next generation of truly wireless stereo (TWS) AirPods.

What makes Apple's 4th Generation AirPods exceptional?

According to Gadgets360, Gurman expects Apple to overhaul the AirPods for its 4th iteration, which will likely improve sales. The changes he describes will include a new design, overhauled case design, and USB Type-C support.

Key specs of 4th generation AirPods

Further leaks from some credible sources in the industry outline that Apple is planning to introduce two non-pro versions of AirPods in this generation, and the more expensive version will get a useful Pro and Max exclusive feature that is active noise cancellation (ANC).

These are big improvements that Gurman expects will increase sales. However, this is not the only reason he believes will drive sales upward, since, according to his previous tip, the company will discontinue the 2nd and 3rd generation AirPods with the release of new ones.

Apple 4th generation AirPods release

The analyst believes that the 4th generation of AirPods will likely launch in fall, 2024. According to Gurman, the AirPods will also cater to Find My alerts. Furthermore, it was learnt that the Max variant of the AirPods might also get a slight revamp, with a new colour palate and USB Type-C support.