Next PlayStation Portal might outrun existing one with this feature

The absence of Bluetooth on PlayStation Portal is compensated by PlayStation Link
An undated image of PlayStation Portal. — PlayStation
An undated image of PlayStation Portal. — PlayStation

Since its launch, the PlayStation Portal has frayed the nerves of some gaming freaks its scaled-down features, despite its charming display and the integration of DualSense. 

However, some PS fanatics with extensive exposure of PS workarounds have come up with a use for their gaming setup, making the most of PlayStation Portal's utility while recognising its imperfections. 

Because of the device's significant flaws, people have eagerly been waiting for a refreshed iteration, no matter if a Pro model would be launched or a PlayStation Portal 2, with Bluetooth support being a non-negotiable feature in them. 

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At the moment, the PlayStation Portal offers only one way to support audio: wired headsets, which makes a headphone jack mandatory. There's no Bluetooth support for wireless ones, taking a toll on its reputation while discouraging wireless audio enthusiasts to get Sony's cloud gaming device.

But the absence of Bluetooth is compensated by the integration of PlayStation Link, Sony's native audio technology which guarantees lower latency and better quality.

But the downside is that only a handful of select devices can make the PlayStation Link perform. These include headsets like the $150 Pulse Elite cans and the $200 Pulse Explore earbuds.

While the requirement of aforementioned expensive hardware serves as solid substitute for Bluetooth, it also gives rise to a controversary which terms it a willful marketing tactic rather than a solution to soothe gamers' frayed nerves by the company. 

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