Nintendo Indie World Showcase 2024: Exciting news for gamers

While specific titles have not been revealed, fans are hopeful for news about new games
An undated image of the poster. – Nintendo
An undated image of the poster. – Nintendo 

Exciting news for gamers as Nintendo announces the first Indie World Showcase for 2024, set to air today (April 17) at 7am PT or 10am ET. The digital event will last approximately 20 minutes and will feature announcements and updates on Indie games coming to the Nintendo Switch.

While specific titles have not been revealed, fans are hopeful for the news about the most-awaited games like Hollow Knight: Silksong. This sequel to the beloved Hollow Knight has been impatiently awaited since its announcement in 2019.

The announcement of the Indie World Showcase follows news that Nintendo will not attend Gamescom this year, leading to speculation about the company’s release schedule for 2024.

To catch the showcase live, tune into Nintendo’s live YouTube and Twitch channels, or visit the Indie World website. Can’t watch live? Nintendo will update all the announcements and trailers for later viewing.

In addition to the excitement surrounding Hollow Knight: Silksong, gamers are thrilled to see what other Indie titles will be featured in the showcase. The Nintendo Switch has become a popular platform for independent developers, offering a diverse range of games across various genres.

Fans were amazed at the exciting announcements made at the Indie World Showcase last year. Some of the highlights included the announcement of a Switch port for Outer Wilds, Shantae Advance: Risky Revolution, and On Your Tail. This announcement showcased the diverse range of indie games coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Indie games have played a significant role in the success of the Nintendo Switch, providing unique and innovative gaming experiences for players of all ages. Don’t miss out on this event, where gamers can get a sneak peek at the future of indie gaming on the Nintendo Switch.