Nintendo Switch 2: All you need to know

Furukawa says Nintendo Switch 2 will be revealed by end of March 2025
An undated image of Nintendo Switch. — Pexels
An undated image of Nintendo Switch. — Pexels

The realm of video gaming is on the cusp of a remarkable revolution to take place, a revolution that may not only reshape the dynamics of gaming industry but will also raise the bar of what avid gamers look for in console gaming platforms.

The change we're referring to is the impending launch of an upgraded iteration of Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch 2, in the days to come.

The development came to light by Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa who hinted, while shedding light on the supposed Nintendo Swithc 2, at something which would serve as a substitute for the existing Nintendo Switch.

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Nintendo Direct June 2024: Nintendo Switch 2 release?

If you happen to be someone so much in the loop, you might have predicted it to release at the upcoming Nintendo Direct which is slated to be held next month, most probably, but the revolutionary Nintendo Switch seems not fated to release there, considering the remarks of the Nintendo president.

Furukawa said it will be revealed by the end of March 2025, while a possibility is looming that suggests at a delay for the announcement after the 2024 holiday season.

When is the next Nintendo console coming out

While a cloud of uncertainty has draped so much pertaining to the capabilities of the new Nintendo console even after the Nintendo president's remarks were no short of subsiding the grey area around them, the Nintendo Switch 2 is confirmed to launch in March next year.

Nintendo Switch 2 supported games

Since no official word has proven to prove something concrete, a spate of rumours anticipate the upcoming hardware to be backward compatible, meaning that it will be capable to work with existing Nintendo Switch.

Other leaks have vocally claimed the following:

  • The 3DS could play DS games.
  • DS could play Game Boy Advance games
  • The Game Boy Advance could play Game Boy games
  • The Wii U could play Wii games
  • The Wii could play GameCube games