Njord gear smartwatch review: A benchmark of durability

NJORD gear smartwatch is designed to bear even the most challenging environmental challenges
The image shows NJORD Gear Smart watch in ice (left) and mud (right). — NJORD
The image shows NJORD Gear Smart watch in ice (left) and mud (right). — NJORD

Njord Gear Smartwatch is a wearable of top-notch calibre which is best known for upholding the infliction of rough and damaging settings.

The smartwatch has established itself as a benchmark for durability and performance in the realm of wearable technology, as it has surpassed the expectations of a conventional smartwatch by blending state-of-the-art technology with tough construction.

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NJORD Gear Smartwatch design and durability

In terms of durability, the NJORD Ultra is impeccable. The wearable is being referred to as the "Indestructible" because of its durability it is designed to endure even the most challenging environmental circumstances.

Whether you're navigating the wilderness or engaging in physically demanding activities, the NJORD Smartwatch Ultra is constructed to bear that all.

The watch case boasts a combination of high-grade titanium and an exceptionally tough polymer. This blend makes the device stand as a wall against shocks, scratches, and pressure.

The durability isn't limited to the casing only, the watch is designed to resist water pressure up to 300 meters depth. This feature makes it suitable for swimmers and ideal for divers and individuals frequently exposed to water.

Feature-rich performance

  • With a cutting-edge smartwatch processor, the NJORD Gear Smartwatch goes beyond expectations in terms of performance by ensuring an exceptionally smooth user experience.
  • Its processor allows the watch to support a variety of applications without taking a toll on its battery, ensuring seamless usage for activities like fitness tracking or schedule management.
  • As part of its health well-being tracking features, the NJORD Gear Smartwatch has advanced biometric sensors to continuously monitor heart rate, blood oxygen levels, sleep patterns, and stress levels.
  • The watch features built-in GPS capabilities for accurate tracking of routes, exploring country lanes, or getting ready for a mountain hike.

NJORD Gear Smartwatch specs

Display1.83 inches
Supported devicesAndroid

DISCLAIMER: The price has been taken as of Nov 23, 2023, and is subject to change over time.