No Support Tab on Google One app following a discreet update

Google One app on Android no longer features a “Support” tab at end of the bottom bar
An undated image showing Google logo. — Pixabay
An undated image showing Google logo. — Pixabay 

Google One has experienced various updates with the addition of the AI Premium tier to paid Google Photos tools going free and the upcoming VPN removal on June 20. Google One silently made upgrades into additional or elevated support. 

Google One announced how you can “easily get in touch with a team of Google experts 24/7 to answer your questions.” 

The Google One app on Android no longer features a “Support” tab at the end of the bottom bar. It features Home, Storage, and Benefits. 

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Earlier, the Support page, which used a heart icon, offered quick shortcuts to Phone, Chat, and Email options. Moreover, it allows the users to “Explore Pro Sessions,” browse “Popular articles,” and “Review your support history.”

The users need to open the navigation drawer for “Help” > Contact us in an experience identical to other Google apps. That’s a little hidden, or the users can go to on the website.

The users can still use Google One support today. However, it has not been upgraded yet.

In addition, Google made no mention of updates to support when Google phased out free Google Photos shipping and the VPN and also announced that AI-powered Google Photos editing tools are going free. Magic Editor would also get relatable wide availability. However, a 2+ TB Google One subscription would require more than 10 edits per month.