Nothing Chats app removed from Google Play Store over privacy concerns

Nothing recently launched a messaging app called Nothing Chats in partnership with Sunbird
An undated image illustrating a person using Nothing Chats. — Nothing
An undated image illustrating a person using Nothing Chats. — Nothing

You must have heard about the new app from Nothing, the company that makes cool phones and earbuds. It was called Nothing Chats, and it’s supposed to let you chat with iPhone users using iMessage on your Android phone. The app has been pulled out of the Google Play Store because it has some serious privacy and security problems.

Some people who downloaded the app said that it asked them to enter their Apple ID and password, which is super sketchy. Users said who knows what the app could do with that information? Maybe it could access your iCloud, buy stuff with your Apple Pay, or mess up your Apple Music. And that’s not all. 

The app also sends all your messages and photos to some other service called Sentry, which is supposed to help developers fix bugs. And it uses another service called Firebase, which is owned by Google, to store and send your data. None of your data was encrypted, which means anyone could see it or steal it.

The app also allegedly copied Apple’s iMessage service without their permission. 

Nothing hasn’t said anything about why the app was removed from the Google Play Store, or if they are going to fix it and bring it back. The app was only available in some countries, like the US, Canada, the UK, and some parts of Europe. 

They wanted to get more iPhone users to switch to their phones, which is actually pretty good. But this app was a big mistake, and it made Nothing look bad.