Nvidia's project GR00T to make humanoid robots real

GR00T would allow robot makers to develop customised robots without relying on pre-programmed commands
An undated image displaying Nividia logo. — Pixabay

An undated image displaying Nividia logo. — Pixabay

In a bid to have an unforgettable contribution in the landscape of AI-backed humanoid robots, leading chipmaker Nvidia has announced a new software programme under the "Project GROOT," which would set the foundations for humanoid robots backed by artificial intelligence (AI). 

Nvidia revealed the computer at the company’s GTC event in San Jose, assuring that the software platform holds enough potential to make a robot understand human language as well as emulate human actions. 

The software programme would aid modern-day robot makers design humanoid robots capable of both, interacting with human and roaming streets like we humans, as noted by PCMag

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Jensen Huang, Nvidia CEO, said that the "ChatGPT moment for robots might be around the corner,” while adding that building foundation models for general humanoid robots is one of the most exciting problems to solve in AI today.”

GR00T, stands for Generalist Robot 00 Technology, is designed to serve as a "foundational model" that allows companies to develop their own customised robots without relying solely on pre-programmed commands.

GR00T is capable of interpreting both human language and video input, meaning that users can input video clips showing human movements, and the model will then train itself to replicate the actions in a virtual simulation. This allows the robot to gain the dexterity and coordination needed to imitate human movements in the real world.

OpenAI, a major customer of Nvidia GPUs, has been using its own AI models to power a humanoid robot created by a startup called Figure. In a recent demonstration, Figure showcased how its robot could engage in full conversations with humans, thanks to the integration with OpenAI.

Nvidia has also developed "Jetson Thor," a system-on-a-chip designed to run GR00T and other computer models for humanoid robots. Jetson Thor will feature a GPU based on Nvidia’s Blackwell architecture, representing a significant upgrade from the company’s existing Hopper H100 GPUs.

Nvidia has stated that it is creating AI platforms for leading robotics companies such as Boston Dynamics, Figure, and Agility Robotics.