Offline downloads on YouTube Music rolled out to Mac, Windows' web version

Devices running on ChromeOS are those that earlier relished offline downloads on YouTube Music's Android app
An undated image of the YouTube Music app. — Pexels
An undated image of the YouTube Music app. — Pexels

It's become a widely common norm for any renowned app or service to frequently bring updates so the user experience gets enhanced to a great extent and more convenient in every respect. 

As a result of this trait followed by almost every other digital amenity, the web version of the YouTube Music app has added a much-awaited feature which was exclusively available on the stable Android form of the app. 

To maximise the scope of user-friendly experience on YouTube Music, YouTube added support for downloading and listening to songs offline.  

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With the offline content support expanding, Mac and Windows users are finally able to download songs and listen to them when off the grid.

Devices that relished the integration of this feature earlier on the Android version of YouTube Music are only those running on ChromeOS.

It largely remained the crux of countless users' feedback pertaining to its travel-suited functionalities, as users demanded the expansion of this feature on ChromeOS-run devices. 

Had it been for any other music streaming app or service, the offline availability of songs would have long been incorporated, and in the case of YTM, it would have made its way right after YouTube — the parent platform of YTM — offered support for offline video downloads across platforms.