OnePlus 11 latest update: What’s new?

OnePlus launches an update for OnePlus 11 with new animations, touch controls and improved quality
An undated image of OnePlus11. — OnePlus
An undated image of OnePlus11. — OnePlus

OnePlus has gained the attention of tech users in the previous days by launching its vast and affordable collection of phones. People get attract to their sleek designs and overall phone performance. 

However, the Chinese company has recently released an update for its newly launched phone, OnePlus 11. This latest update of is only available for Indian users, however, it may be available globally in future. Here's what the new update brings in the phone:

The OxygenOS update features

  1. Introduction of new animations for wallpaper zoom and icon transitions to enhance visual experience.
  2. Optimization of layer effects for Quick Setting icons and widgets.
  3. Improved transition animations for Home Screen icons and widgets.
  4. Addition of wallpaper zoom animations and automatic brightness adjustment upon screen on/off.
  5. Optimization of Gaussian blur effects and background colours in various interfaces.
  6. Inclusion of transition animations for swiping in from one side to navigate to the previous page or exit an app.
  7. Addition of transition animations for swiping inward or swiping up to exit in landscape mode.
  8. Option to view more apps in the lower right corner.
  9. Enhanced speed and stability when tapping and swiping on Recent tasks screen and Home screen.
  10. Improved dragging of apps and optimized animations for large folders, enhancing touch responsiveness.
  11. Introduction of horizontal layout option for Lock screen clock.
  12. Option to show or hide the lock screen pattern.
  13. Volume adjustment capability in Quick Settings.
  14. Adjustable size of floating windows by dragging the bottom and swiping up to close a mini window.
  15. Integration of April 2024 Android security patch to enhance system security and stability.