OnePlus 13 to break design monotony, bring Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor: Rumour

Leak suggests that OnePlus 13 would be powered by Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 while featuring ultrasonic fingerprint sensor
An undated image of the OnePlus 12. — OnePlus
An undated image of the OnePlus 12. — OnePlus

While almost all the previous iterations of the OnePlus series have followed a monotonous approach in terms of design and their overall look, rumours have begun emerging on the internet, pointing towards a unique design approach adopted by the company for its upcoming iteration OnePlus 13. 

Similarly, the OnePlus 10, 10T, 10R, 11, 11R, 12, and 12R of the OnePlus series bear immense resemblance. Adding to the assimilation they share is a big, metallic off-center camera placed on the left side, which seems to be connected to the frame.

Meanwhile, models released after these variants, such as OnePlus 11 and OnePlus 12, turned the square-looking camera bump into a circular shape, Yet the approach has been very familiar for the most part of last three years in a row. 

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OnePlus 13 design, specifications (expected) 

As reported by 9to5Google, the upcoming variant of the OnePlus series, the OnePlus 13, is expected to depart from the former design approach to eradicate the “family style hinge.” 

Since OnePlus phones don't have a hinge, this remark is surely pointing towards the area around the camera. 

OnePlus 13 specs (expected) 

A different leak suggests that the OnePlus 13 would be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4, while featuring a rare ultrasonic fingerprint sensor under the hood.

Meanwhile, the preceding models of the previous couple of OnePlus lineups have been boasting using optical under-display fingerprint sensors. 

Although the brand's fingerprint sensor performance is considered as the best among competitors, ultrasonic technology is generally taken as superior, primarily because it minimises the need for a very bright light that bothers in dark settings. 

OnePlus 13 launch launch

As the OnePlus 12 was first released in China in early December before its global launch in January, and there is no indication that the launch schedule of the OnePlus 13 will be any different.