OnePlus Open 2 likely to be released in 2025

Speculations surrounding the features and release of OnePlus Open 2
An undated image of OnePlus Open 2. — OnePlus Community
An undated image of OnePlus Open 2. — OnePlus Community

Rumours have been making rounds on social media that Oneplus Open 2, which is expected to boast several exceptional features and reportedly sporting the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 chipset, is likely to be launched in 2025.

Oneplus Open 2 is expected to feature the following:

  1. A lighter hinge
  2. Periscope camera
  3. Slim and elegant design

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Reports suggested that this upcoming foldable phone is expected to consist of an enhanced, lighter hinge and a high-resolution cover screen with a slim design.

Also, if you are a photography lover then this must be a great choice for you because it is rumoured to be launched with an outstanding periscope camera and also it is expected to be announced by October 2024 but released in 2025 because in last year OnePlus Open’s was also announced on October 19 so people are very excited for this thrilling news and desperately waiting for it.

It is quite improbable that it will include the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4. The next-generation chip, according to current rumours, will reportedly be included, which could give the foldable an important benefit over competitors that will then be using last year's chip.