OPPO Find X7 Ultra considered as latest battery champion

DxOMark ranks Oppo Find X7 Ultra at first in global battery test ranking
An undated image of Oppo Find X7 Ultra. — Oppo
An undated image of Oppo Find X7 Ultra. — Oppo

OPPO Find X7 Ultra, which was launched a few months ago, is dominating the entire industry with its impeccable features and has recently achieved a great milestone and substantially termed as the latest battery champ.

DxOMark, an independent benchmark providing expert reviews, has ranked Oppo Find X7 Ultra first at global battery test ranking. However, this phone supports other notable features as well including thick design at 9.5mm, large camera sensors and most significantly, a 5,000mAh powered battery.

OPPO Find X7 Ultra is full battery in just 50 minutes with 100W charging (wired). Meanwhile, wireless charging takes approximately two hours and 20 minutes for 100% charging. According to DxOMark, a five minute charge would be able to run up to 10 hours, which is a majestic feature. While, the battery might suffer while making calls, using cameras, and more it offers a greater autonomy while playing different games, watching content, and more.

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This phone usually reaches to almost 98% battery capacity only within 30 minutes and the phone would be able to fully charge in 32 minutes, these results are from wired charging tests. Whereas, this phone would only reach to 43% in 30 minutes and would take almost more than two hours to fully charge the battery in wireless charging.

According to expert's Oppo Find X7 Ultra's battery test result, users should prefer wired charging over wireless one as it provides enhanced battery performance.