Pak-Saudi social enterprise tackles environmental, social issues with AI

Ahya means “to revive” in Arabic, and it reflects the vision of the founders to revive the planet and the communities
Ahya CEO Salaal Hasan at the COP28 summit in UAE on December 1, 2023. — Ahyatech
Ahya CEO Salaal Hasan at the COP28 summit in UAE on December 1, 2023. — Ahyatech

Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges of our time, and it requires urgent and collective action from all sectors of society. One startup that is taking the lead in this regard is Ahya Tech, a Pakistan-Saudi joint venture that aims to provide innovative and sustainable solutions for environmental and social problems.

Ahya Tech is a social enterprise that was founded in 2021 by two young entrepreneurs, Abdullah Al-Shehri from Saudi Arabia and Muhammad Usman from Pakistan. The name Ahya means “to revive” in Arabic, and it reflects the vision of the founders to revive the planet and the communities through their products and services.

What does Ahya Tech do?

Ahya Tech offers a range of solutions that address various environmental and social issues, such as:

  1. Waste management: Ahya Tech has developed a smart waste bin that uses artificial intelligence and sensors to sort and compress different types of waste, such as plastic, metal, paper, and organic. The bin also rewards users with points that can be redeemed for discounts or donations. The bin is connected to a cloud-based platform that monitors and optimises the waste collection and recycling process.
  2. Clean energy: Ahya Tech has designed a portable solar generator that can power up to four devices simultaneously, such as laptops, phones, fans, and lights. The generator is equipped with a battery that can store excess energy for later use. The generator is ideal for remote areas, camping trips, and emergency situations.
  3. Water conservation: Ahya Tech has created a smart irrigation system that uses artificial intelligence and sensors to monitor and control the water usage and soil conditions of crops. The system can adjust the water flow and frequency according to the weather, crop type, and soil moisture. The system can also detect and prevent leaks and wastage.
  4. Education: Ahya Tech has launched a mobile app that educates and engages users on various environmental and social topics, such as climate change, recycling, renewable energy, and social entrepreneurship. The app also provides users with tips and challenges to adopt eco-friendly habits and practices.

What is the impact of Ahya Tech?

Ahya Tech has a positive impact on both the environment and the society. By using their solutions, users can:

  1. Reduce their carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions
  2. Save money and resources on energy and water bills
  3. Improve their health and well-being by avoiding exposure to harmful pollutants and chemicals
  4. Support local communities and causes by donating their points or purchasing products from social enterprises
  5. Learn and raise awareness about the importance of environmental and social responsibility

Ahya Tech has also received recognition and awards from various local and international organisations, such as:

  1. The Saudi Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture
  2. The Pakistan Ministry of Climate Change
  3. The United Nations Development Programme
  4. The World Economic Forum
  5. The Global Entrepreneurship Summit

What are the future plans of Ahya Tech?

Ahya Tech is constantly working to improve and expand its solutions, as well as to explore new opportunities and markets. Some of their future plans include:

  1. Developing a blockchain-based platform that will enable users to trade and exchange their points for goods and services
  2. Partnering with governments, NGOs, and corporations to implement their solutions on a larger scale and reach more users
  3. Launching a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds and awareness for their social and environmental causes
  4. Participating in more competitions and events to showcase their solutions and network with potential investors and partners