Pakistan budget 2024-25: Govt allocates Rs4 bn for 'e-bikes'

Federal government of Pakistan also allocates Rs2 billion for energy-saving fans that promote energy conservation
An undated image of an e-bike. — Pixabay
An undated image of an e-bike. — Pixabay

With the federal budget for the fiscal year 2024-25 in Pakistan announced by Finance Minister Muhammad Aurangzeb in the National Assembly, ecofriendly tech savvies seem eager to see appropriate measures taken in the relevant sphere. 

As part of its plans to set forth the foundations and stabilise the plummeting economy, the government has taken a viable initiative to encourage the promotion of electric bikes (e-bikes) and normalise them, a step which climate experts deem potential to make the atmosphere flourish alongside the economy. 

Aurangzeb said: "Rs4 billion allocation made for ‘e-bikes’ and another Rs2 billion for energy-saving fans that promote energy conservation." 

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While highlighting during his budget speech Pakistan's plight of climate change, global warming and their devastating effects, Mr Aurangzeb remarked that the government was undertaking steps to mitigate the adverse impact of global warming.

Additionally, he claimed that the formation of the National Climate Finance Strategy was underway which would be completed by October 2024. He was of the view that this would help strategise on how the country could attract global climate finance which would eventually result in green initiatives to drop carbon emissions. 

“Gender and climate budget tagging has been done in government’s budgeting and accounting system that would help in policy making and implementation in these sectors,” the finance minister remarked.