Paldean Fates cards list, release date and special sets

Around 250 cards have been teased among the set-to-release set of Pokemon TCG cards queue
An undated image displaying the preview of Pokemon TCG. — Pokemon
An undated image displaying the preview of Pokemon TCG. — Pokemon

Paldean Fates is going to be the first new set in the Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) for the year 2024, according to an official announcement.

The latest expansion will comprise cards from the upcoming December 1, Shiny Treasures (an old set) in Japan, as well as some cards that were excluded in the recent West-wide release of Paradox Rift, of which it’s going to be a follow-up.

Having listed new cards in English alongside some special sets, the expansion is set to release on December 1, 2024, the developers announced.

The set contains more than 100 cards featuring the "Shiny" variety of Pokemon. However, at the moment, around 250 cards have been showcased for the set, while the new ex-cards are featuring Charizard, "Tinkaton", and "Pikachu."

As part of the Paldean Fates expansion, the coming will observe releases of a variety of special sets, not to mention an exclusive Sticker Collection containing booster packs and a sticker to go on laptops or other devices.

Pokemon TCG: Paldean fates cards

The table added below contains the sets under discussion and their release dates.

Paldean Fates Special Set

Release date

Included elements

Elite Trainer Box (Standard)

January 26, 2024 
11 booster packs, a Mimikyu Illustration Rare promo card, dice, coins, sleeves, dividers, and a booklet.
Elite Trainer Box (Pokemon center exclusive)
January 26, 2024 
11 booster packs, a Mimikyu Illustration Rare promo card, a second Mimikyu Illustration Rare with the Pokémon Center stamp, dice, coins, sleeves, dividers, and a booklet.
Paldean Fates Tin
February 9, 2024 
Four booster packs, and a Shiny ex promo card featuring either Charizard, Iron Treads, or Iron Tusk.
Paldean Fates Mini TinsFebruary 9, 2024

Two booster packs, a sticker sheet, and one card featuring the Pokémon on the tin: Finizen, Flamigo, Maushold, Smoliv, or Tinkatink.

Paldean Fates Booster Bundle
February 23, 2024 
Six booster packs from the Paldea Fates set.
Paldean Fates Premium Collections 
February 9, 2024
Eight booster packs; and two Shiny promo cards of the Pokémon featured on the boxes: one promo card featuring Meowscarada ex and one with Sprigatito, one promo card of Skeledirge ex and one Fuecoco, or one promo card featuring Quaquaval ex and one with Quaxly. The collection also includes an oversized Shiny Pokémon ex card and additional cards featuring the Gen 9 starters and their evolutions.

Pokemon TCG cards in English

Apart from these, the official Pokemon TCG cards shown off in English also comprise:

  • Shiny Sprigatito
  • Shiny Floragato
  • Shiny Meowscarada
  • Shiny Meowscarada ex
  • Shiny Fuecoco
  • Shiny Crocolar
  • Shiny Skeledirge
  • Shiny Skeledirge ex
  • Shiny Quaxly
  • Shiny Quxwell
  • Shiny Quaquaval
  • Shiny Quaquaval ex
  • Shiny Pikachu
  • Shiny Pikachu ex
  • Shiny Ceruledge
  • Shiny Armarouge
  • Shiny Tinkaton
  • Shiny Tinkaton ex
  • Shiny Dondozo
  • Shiny Tatsugiri
  • Shiny Mimikyu
  • Great Tusk ex
  • Iron Treads ex
  • Espathra ex
  • Tera Charizard ex
  • Tera Forretress ex
  • Tera Espathra ex

Most of these cards will feature Shiny Pokemon, the integration of Support and Trainer cards will also be witnessed there.