Palworld cheats: Here’s how your friends can join via multiplayer

Palworld offers no player vs player mode but it allows gamers to collaborate with friends
A poster for Palworld. — X/@Palworld_EN
A poster for Palworld. — X/@Palworld_EN

A new multiplayer, open-world survival game where gamers can fight, farm, build, And work alongside mysterious creatures called “Pals” has become a hot topic among gamers since its release on January 19.

While Palworld offers no player vs player (PvP) mode it allows gamers to collaborate with friends to build bigger bases and take down villains.

Gamers can host or join in a personal save file (up to four players) via Palworld’s multiplayer or they can also use a dedicated server through which 32 players could join.

However, dedicated servers are only available on limited sites and require payment.

Meanwhile, gamers can join a personal save file through an invite code — which can be found in the host’s player.

However, if the invite code doesn't appear, toggle the multiplayer option in the world settings. The host player is required to send the invite code every time a new session starts as a new code will be generated.

How does it work?

Multiplayer plays quite differently from the regular game mode. Here are the benefits of playing with friends:

  1. Gamers can defeat tower bosses like Grizzbolt and Zoe altogether.
  2. Guilds are like parties; only people who are part of the gamer's guild are allowed to work with them on their base. Their pals will want to be in their own guild if they wish to construct distinctive bases.
  3. Along with the gamer's equipment, all of their pals will also be lost when they die in the game.
  4. Travelling the Palworld is done alone. It will be up to each player to explore the map and find the quick travel locations.
  5. The planet, not the player, is the only source of loot. The gamer's friends cannot possess a chest or a shiny Pal Sphere that the gamer picks up from the ground.

Bonus information: Palworld, being an early access game, has some hiccups like not being able to jump up cliffs without falling therefore gamers have to slowly climb up and items not being counted correctly when building are not surprising.