People face issues with UI 6.1 in Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy users complain about battery life
An undated image of Samsung Galaxy. — Samsung
An undated image of Samsung Galaxy. — Samsung

Samsung Galaxy users were previously happy after downloading UI 6.1 because of getting access to plenty of AI powered features. Live translation even permits you to have a consistent conversation with someone you are facing any language barrier issue.

Artificial intelligence (AI) will even assist you to listen to the same thing whatever the other individual says in your language, which is indeed a great innovation beyond the expectations of people.

You can even search anything on google search after tapping over anything that you want to find out. Browsing will help you to translate the articles over a webpage while the transcripts will help you to make summaries of meetings. Other AI backed features on one UI 6.1 are designed to assist make it all the day.

But, recently Samsung Galaxy users started experiencing its dark side, which is — it reduces 20-30% battery life.

Here are few reviews of people who have complained about it:

One of the Reddit user complained: "It turned out to be worse for me, as it reduced approx 30% battery instantly sometimes after installing it which was actually disappointing and forced me to uninstall it soon".

"It was pretty good and everything was going smoothly but now it is causing my battery life to suffer a loss and might affect the battery’s internal features. Previously, I was so impressed by it but now I am facing the same issue so I am thinking of uninstalling it," another Reddit user shared.

However, some people were also sharing pretty good reviews just after its launch but now people are frustrated because of this issue. Also, Samsung has officially neither addressed this issue nor revealed any plans about fixation.