Pixel 8 welcomes Gemini Nano Pixel 8 Pro features: What to expect

The full implementation of Gemini Nano in Pixel 8 could be just a few months away, potentially starting with a beta release
The image shows the Google Pixel 8. — Google
The image shows the Google Pixel 8. — Google

In a surprising turn of events late last year, Google revealed that its Gemini Nano AI technology, initially slated for the Pixel 8 Pro, would also be making its way to the Pixel 8. This news came as a surprise, as it was previously thought that the Pixel 8's hardware was not equipped to support Gemini Nano's on-device processing capabilities.

Google has recently confirmed that the Pixel 8 will indeed receive a Gemini Nano developer preview in the upcoming Pixel Feature Drop. Details are still sparse, but the AI will be enhancing two features: Summarize in the Recorder app and Smart Reply in Gboard.

Gemini Nano is a streamlined variant of Google's larger Gemini AI model, notable for its on-device processing abilities. This allows it to function independently of the cloud, enhancing user privacy and ensuring functionality without the need for an internet connection or additional costs.

The challenge with integrating on-device AI lies in the requirement for suitable hardware to support it. Google acknowledged this, noting that variations in memory specifications can impact performance. This was the initial reason the Pixel 8 Pro received the Nano features ahead of the Pixel 8, which required further testing and validation.

Gemini Nano Pixel 8

The introduction of these features to the Pixel 8 narrows the gap between it and the higher-end Pixel 8 Pro, which is welcome news for those who chose the more budget-friendly $699 Pixel 8 over the $999 Pixel 8 Pro.

However, as this is still in the developer preview stage, access to Gemini Nano is limited to those with Android developer accounts and is not yet available to the wider public. Google might extend access to a broader audience in the near future, but it seems there are still some adjustments to be made before the Pixel 8 is fully ready for Gemini Nano.

Nevertheless, this development marks a step forward, indicating that the full implementation of Gemini Nano in the Pixel 8 could be just a few months away, potentially starting with a beta release before a stable public version is rolled out.