Pokemon Go Bounsweet Community Day May 2024

An exciting day of catching Bounsweet on May 19
An undated image of  Pokemon Go Bounsweet Community Day event. — Pokemon GO
An undated image of  Pokemon Go Bounsweet Community Day event. — Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go’s most exciting event, Bounsweet Community Day, is happening on Sunday, May 19 from 2 pm to 5 pm local time. The event includes many interesting activities for players to experience the full joy of it.

The event will see a surge in Bounsweet, a cute Grass-type Pokemon, appearing in the wild. Additionally, the chance of encountering a rare Shiny Bounsweet will be greatly increased. To maximise their experience, trainers are advised to take advantage of the special event bonuses. These include more Bounsweet encounters, faster egg hatching, longer lure and incense durations, and bonus candy.

For a successful XP and Stardust boost, trainers should avoid catching Pokemon or spinning PokeStops before the event begins. This allows them to use Lucky Eggs and Star Pieces effectively during the event timeframe.

Using premium items like Incense during the event is also recommended to attract more Pokemon and Shiny variants. Trainers can even use Origin Dialga's special move, Roar of Time, to pause the timer on these items and use them strategically.

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Additionally, for trainers seeking perfect Bounsweet, high IV Pokemon can be found through Research Tasks and wild encounters. Look for Bounsweet with a Combat Power (CP) of 403 at level 30 or 437 at level 35 (sunny weather) for the best chance.

Bounsweet event is also a great opportunity to explore Mega Evolutions. Mega-evolving Pokemon like Sceptile or Venusaur can strengthen a trainer's team during the event. The evolving Bounsweet during the event will grant its final form, Tsareena, the exclusive move High Jump Kick. This powerful move can be a valuable asset in trainer battles and raids.

With these tips in mind, Pokemon GO trainers are set to have a fun and rewarding Bounsweet Community Day. So, grab your Poke Balls and get ready to catch some amazing Pokemon!