WWDC 2024: Exciting new features and updates announced

Here's a breakdown of the WWDC 2024 post-key announcements and what they mean for you
A representational image of WWDC 2024 day 2. — Apple Developers
A representational image of WWDC 2024 day 2. — Apple Developers 

Apple, the tech giant has announced a plethora of exciting announcements of updates and the features at the Worldwide Developers Confernce 2024, transforming the way developers can create apps and users interact with their iOS devices. From Vision Pro's global expansion to VisionOS 2's innovative features, here's a breakdown of the post-key announcements and what they mean for you.


Xcode app gets an update and now offers predictive code completion and faster previews, making it easier to transform ideas into code.


Swift 6 introduces new language mode for concurrent code, making it easier for the user to write correct and efficient code. Additionally, SwiftUI brings a new customisation options and improved interoperability, while SwiftData release offers an expressive API for modeling and persisting data.

Swift Testing

Swift Testing provides an easy-to-use framework for writing tests, with features like parameterization and tagging to selectively run tests based on specific criteria.

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App Intents

Siri is getting an upgrade with App Intents, enabling it to perform hundred new actions in and across apps. Developers can utilise several new tools like Transferable API and File Representations to integrate the apps with Siri and Spotlight, making it a more powerful and accurate virtual assistant.


RealityKit 4, a new tool aligns its feature set across Apple platforms, making it easier to create immersive experiences by enabling development of spatial app on iOS devices.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning updates has introduced multiple models including Core ML, Create ML, and new frameworks for translation and vision to optimse and run advanced upgrades on iOS devices.

Widgets and Live Activities

Widgets and Live Activities share more capabilities across several iOS platforms, making it easier to create engaging experiences. With this update Apple Watch now supports interactivity and animations.

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Notifications on Apple devices now gets a boost with broadcast push notifications, making it easier to deliver updates at scale.


Passkeys are an alternative to passwords that are more secure, easier to use, and less phishable. They offer faster sign-in, fewer password resets, and lower support costs.


tvOS enhancements make it easier to create familiar layouts and controls, with more APIs available for tvOS.

App Store and StoreKit

The App Store and StoreKit now offers new promotion features that is making it easier to promote apps and engage users.

Wallet and Apple Pay

Wallet and Apple Pay brings rich pass designs and third-party browser support as an update, making it easier to create great experiences for the iOS users.

Photos app

Users can now filter out screenshots or search for specific types of content with this upgrade.

Mail app gets better categorisation

New feature named as "digest" email will now contain all the emails from a specific business so you can quickly scan info. There will be new organisational features like a Primary category that sorts for senders you know and timeliness.

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Apple Messages gets new effects

Apple announces ability to bold, underline, and italicise text in Messages along with another upgrade of scheduling messaging comes to iMessage. The new text effects upgrade including jitter, shake, and bounce also bring new enhancements in app.

SF Symbols

SF Symbols 6 brings over 800 new symbols, updated annotation tools, and new and improved configurable animations that make symbols even more expressive. New wiggle, rotate, and breathe options respond to user input, convey status changes, and signal ongoing activity.

VisionOS 2

VisionOS 2 officially announced with an upgrade of Spatial Photos that comes to Photos app. VisionOS 2 allows users to turn 2D images into 3D spatial photos, and you can use SharePlay to view Spatial Photos and panoramas with other users.

Along with this upgrade another feature, Enterprise APIs for visionOS can grant enhanced sensor access and control, making it easier to create powerful enterprise solutions.

Vision Pro is coming to three new countries in June — China, Japan, and Singapore on June 28 and to five new countries in July — Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and the UK on July 12.