Proton VPN lets users connect without an account

Proton reveals its Android application will now support credentialless connectivity
An undated image of Protons VPN service. — Proton
An undated image of Proton's VPN service. — Proton

The world of VPNs is extremely saturated, making it tough to find a reliable and secure provider. Proton VPN is regularly considered one of the most secure providers in the market, offering a slew of features, and has recently enhanced its offerings.

Proton has announced that its Android application will now support credentialless login, allowing users to bypass the signup/sign-in process entirely and connect directly to the service after completing the VPN profile.

Additionally, the company is expanding its list of countries accessible under its free service, particularly those preparing for General elections this year, enabling secure voting for their people. This brings the total number of countries freely accessible through Proton's service to 21.

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The market has been experiencing significant changes. Recently, Google discontinued its One VPN service under the One membership program, initially launched in 2020, but ceased operations on June 20th. Proton may be aiming to capitalize on this exit, although Pixel users will still have access to Google’s VPN services.

Proton’s free tier service, while compelling, falls short in providing optimal connectivity speeds and has a limited selection of countries. Proton’s premium subscription, priced at $10 per month, offers higher connectivity speeds, a larger selection portfolio, and includes a secure email service with 500GB of cloud storage.

A VPN connection uses extremely secure protocols with encryption that has never been compromised. Combined with IP masking and location spoofing for anonymity, this makes your online presence practically untraceable. If you or your organization deals with sensitive information, using a VPN is essential.