PUBG Mobile 120 fps supported devices list 2024

Samsung is going to offer support for 120 fps on Galaxy S24 series, Galaxy S23 series, and Galaxy Z Fold 5
An undated image of a person playing PUBG on a smartphone. — Pexels
An undated image of a person playing PUBG on a smartphone. — Pexels

An avid gamer out there? The one in pursuit of entire assortment of devices potentially capable to support PUBG Mobile? Punch the air in triumph if my judgment is even slightly close to your true gaming appeal. 

PUBG Mobile, the most-played, maybe second most-played, game to this date, took the world by storm since it ventured into mobile gaming, since it was not a mobile game at the time of its inception. In case you're not so much in the loop, PUBG was originally kicked off as an exclusive offering on PC and Console gaming in 2017 and later joined the mobile gaming sphere. 

Whatsoever, the 120 fps is the actual picture quality pro gamers always hunt for in a game. The same has been the case of PUBG Mobile as proficient players prefer to immerse in the game with high-speed frame rate: 120 fps.

Samsung Galaxy S24, Galaxy S23, and Galaxy Z Fold 5 to support PUBG Mobile at 120 fps

PUBG, despite being a heavy-duty game that can dull even the best smartphones on the market, is so far limited to 90 fps, but the indelible mark of the absence of 120 fps is slated to be washed soon as in view of PUBG Mobile's new update on the way to land on May 13, which Samsung is going to offer support on its Galaxy S24 series, the Galaxy S23 series, and the Galaxy Z Fold 5.

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The company is also claiming to have collaborated with Tencent, the developer behind PUBG, in order to optimise smooth performance on the said Samsung devices.

Latest version of the Game Optimisation Service (GOS) and Game Booster — the apps that come installed by default on Galaxy smartphones and tablets — will ensure the optimisation.

120 fps mobile phone list for PUBG Mobile

Even though smartphone GPUs nowadays possess sufficient power to run even graphically-challenging games smoothly, not every smartphone supports 120 fps PUBG Mobile.

Some of the popular smartphone makers that offer devices supporting 120 fps include: OnePlus, Tecno, Red Magic, Google Pixel, Vivo, Samsung Galaxy, Redmi, Realme, and Infinix.