PUBG Mobile 3.2 update: Conquer the battlefield with Mecha Fusion and Jetpacks

PUBG Mobile update includes new in-game equipment — the Jetpack for improved mobility, the Magnet Gun, and more
An undated image of PUBG Mobile: Mecha Battle poster. — X/PUBG MOBILE
An undated image of PUBG Mobile: Mecha Battle poster. — X/PUBG MOBILE

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile 3.2 update is now available for Android and iOS. The most recent version includes various new features, including the Mecha Fusion mode, a new themed game that introduces players to a new fighting vehicle known as Armamech.

Moreover, the update includes new in-game equipment such as the Jetpack for improved mobility, the Magnet Gun, and more. There are also some upgrades for Metro Royale and World of Wonder. Let's take a look at what's new in the update and how to install it immediately.

What is SteelArk?

It's a futuristic-style spacecraft loaded with supplies. Several Seel Arks will appear on the map. Players can collect resources from the game's typical drops before heading to the Steel Ark. Steel Ark allows players to obtain rare resources and summon a war vehicle in the Armamech mode.

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What is Armamech?

Armamech is a fully functional fighting vehicle that two players may combine and create. To create an Armamech, players must equip two distinct mechas: Levitron and Srider. When two of these mechas come into proximity, they can unite to become an Armamech. After combining, the player controlling Levitron becomes the Armamech's pilot.

In terms of individual skills, the Levitron is a unique vehicle capable of switching between speed and magnetic forms. The former form grants players collision acceleration, whereas, the magnetic version allows players to use the magnetic arm to attack.

In contrast, the strider is a component of the lower body. It is an aggressive two-seater vehicle, which allows two players to sit in it and assault other foes. The strider may fire missiles at certain locations.

The update includes an assembly base where players may gather resources for their mechas. This assembly base will be located near the Steel Ark, allowing players to not only get supplies for their mechas but also replace the health/fuel and repair them.

New items: Jetpack, Magnet Gun, and more

With the latest version, PUBG Mobile now includes a jetpack as an item. Players may use jetpacks to navigate across the map. It also includes a Personal AED, which will help you recover from a knocked-down condition.

In addition, it also has a Magnet Gun, which may pull or grasp a player or vehicle. The update now includes the Respawn Beacon function, which recalls eliminated allies. The functionality will be available exclusively in Steel Ark and Assembly Base.

Other updates

Other changes to the latest version include the Popularity Event, which allows players to redeem tokens won during popularity wars for incentives. PUBG also upgraded the Metro Royale. It now includes Honour prizes and trinkets for Chapter 20. Players can also bring their pals into the mode.