Qualcomm launches Snapdragon 6s Gen 3 chipset

Qualcomm launches a toned down model of its Snapdragon chipset which fails to appeal users
An undated image of Snapdragon MPQ8064 Processor. — Qualcomm
An undated image of Snapdragon MPQ8064 Processor. — Qualcomm

Qualcomm has recently unravelled the Snapdragon 6s Gen 3 chipset globally on their official website. However, this recently introduced chipset failed to captivate fans and is a step-down model in the lineup because of its unattractive features. 

Snapdragon 6s Gen 3 features

Here are a few features of the Snapdragon 6s Gen 3 chipset. 

This chipset is available in two variants, 4G (SM-6370) and 5G (SM6375-AC) models. SM6375 is similar to the chip introduced back in 2021 and later on, it was reused without any significant enhancements in the same year as Snapdragon 4 Gen 1 (SM4375). 

Snapdragon 6s Gen 3 relies on a 6nm Taiwan semiconductor manufacturing company (TSMC) node. It is available with two CPU clusters, one of them is with two Cortex A78 cores with 2.3GHz, while another cluster supports six Cortex A55 with 2.0GHz.  

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Moreover, it supports an Adreno 619 GPU and a FastConnect 6200 modem, with LPDDR4X RAM and UFS 2.2 storage. One of its drawbacks is its camera’s ISP which would only allow for around 1080p@60fps to capture videos. This may have been the main factor for its downfall, as in today’s era, people are less likely to use a camera with such low specs. 

One of its predecessors, the Snapdragon 6 Gen 1 chipset, supports much-enhanced features compared to this chipset. Its features include 4k@30fps video capture support, UFS 3.2 storage, FastConnect 6700 modem, and more. 

So, the Snapdragon 6 Gen 1 chipset is better than this one and instead of enhancing features, Qualcomm has introduced a toned-down version of its Snapdragon chip which appears to have failed in capturing people's attention or gathering fanfare.