Reaction Effects for messages on Google Messages rolling out

While they disappear in few seconds, user of Google Messages complain that Reaction Effects are not deleting after being used
The image displays Google Messages logo. — Pixabay

The image displays Google Messages logo. — Pixabay

Shortly after the integration of Photomoji, animated emoji, and some Screen Effects, Reaction Effects have also begun rolling out to Google Messages for Android. 

When you long-press on a message — SMS or RCS — and select thumbs up, “magic instantly unfolds as an animated trio of hands dances around the message bubble.” Google says this is “designed to add a dynamic twist to your chats.” 

Although two reactions result in the same animation, the newly introduced Reaction Effects on Google Messages are available for the following 10 popular emoji: 

  1. Thumbs Up
  2. Red Heart
  3. Face with Tears of Joy
  4. Face with Open Mouth
  5. Enraged Face
  6. Thumbs Down
  7. Pile of Poo
  8. Party Popper
  9. Angry Face
  10. Crying Face

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The they were previously available on Beta version of Google Messages, however, Reaction Effects are getting widely available on the stable version of Google Messages. 

Although they are by default made to disappear in a few seconds, one thing which is drawing users' ire is that Reaction Effects can not be deleted once used on a message, as por complaints reported from Google Messages users. 

These Reactions Effects have come to mirror the wider expansion of animated emoji, while Photomoji was underwent its potential release in late January.