RedMagic is set to make its gaming laptop debut

Chinese company RedMagic is soon to dominate the entire gaming industry

An undated image of  RedMagic 4K Gaming Monitor. — IGN Pakistan
An undated image of  RedMagic 4K Gaming Monitor. — IGN Pakistan

RedMagic, a well-known brand, has become a vibrant force in the gaming smartphone industry since the past few years. According to the reports RedMagic is all set to make its debut in gaming laptops in June. However, the release date is still unknown but all the users are desperately waiting for its release.

This yet-to-be launched gaming laptop is expected to be launched with a few compelling features and is likely to pack an Intel Core i9-13950HX mobile processor that would offer you 24 cores along with 32 threads.

However, these details are related to the older chip and it is likely to be released with an enhanced and modified version.

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It is likely to support some intriguing features such as the Nvidia RTX 4070 graphics card that has promised to provide a great gaming experience and it could support 280W power, according to Geekbench.

It’s not the first time that the Chinese company RedMagic is set to dominate the entire gaming niche such as PCs, mouse pads and keyboard but, it has previously rose to prominence by integrating a cooling fan system in its phones, which circulated rapidly over the entire media. All the users could expect something bigger from this soon-to-be gaming PC.