Review: Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

Amazon releases the newest iteration of its streaming companion in India
An undated image of a television. – iStock
An undated image of a television. – iStock

Back in 2017, Amazon unveiled the “Fire TV Stick” in India. Back then OTT (over-the-top) platforms were few and Smart TVs were expensive. Yet, as it stood, a device with connectivity to any television through a simple HDMI port, which not only offered streaming services but games as well, was lucrative.

Seven years later, the market has deeply transformed, OTT platforms are the norm and often produce exclusive content, while smart TVs are more affordable. The Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMA) reported that in 2023, a mindboggling 707 million people were engaging with OTT platforms, Besides this, India’s Ministry of Information reports that the country now hosts, 57 OTT platforms.

In such a case, the practicality of a third-party service might seem futile. The Fire TV Stick 4K was priced at RS 5,999, the device supports a 4K resolution along with HDR10+, Dolby Vision and more. The Fire TV Stick also grants exclusive access to a 12,000-strong Amazon library.

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The device's exterior hasn’t changed much since its initial release in 2017, it features the same matte black texture along with the Fire TV Stick logo on the front, the device is rectangular, all be it with some curved edges, the dedicated buttons for Netflix. Prime and Alexa are a new addition.

Alexa replaces the traditional voice control feature but reportedly performs better at scouting content, however, it's yet to be testes against televisions with integrated voice activity.

A USB port lies towards the right, given enough power, some televisions may be able to power the device.

Installing the device

The installation process is extremely straightforward, users need not worry but only plug it into their TV, connect the power source and follow the instructions on the screen, the entire process takes about 15 minutes.

Fire TV Stick 4K UI

Fire OS is very similar to regular Android, suggestions are arranged in a tile layout, and users can scroll with a horizontal gesture.

The content is divided into: Home, Find and Live television the algorithm is good at recommending content, even the type you’ve not yet delved into.

With such a simple and intuitive design, the interface is snappy and responsive.


The new Fire TV Stick is the most powerful one released in India, it features WI-FI 6.0 compatibility along with Bluetooth 5.0, It also boasts HDR10+, Dolby Atmos and vision support to pair with the 4K Ultra HD video quality.

Nonetheless, users would be better off ensuring they've got a reliable internet connection to make use of all these features.

In a world where one can not be so sure of what they’re getting, smartphones both under and overpriced providing sub-par quality, the Fire Stick is a sigh of relief. Its powerful and snappy UI, coupled with its connectivity and features, make it a dependable device.