Rivian adopts Android Automotive OS for its software experience

Rivian says that its use of Android Automotive is way too different from offering support for Android Auto
An undated image of Rivian R1S. — Rivian
An undated image of Rivian R1S. — Rivian

The automotive industry appears accustomed to the deployment of Google’s Android Automotive software as various prominent carmakers have opted for it since the emergence of the EV battle on the scene.

Given that, both Google and Rivian — a renowned company that manufactures electric vehicles (EVs) — confirmed that the EV-maker has adopted Android Automotive as a foundational element of its software experience.

Rivian R2 and Rivian R3 software experience

The software experience on the Rivian R1T and R1S is powered by Rivian’s operating system, and the same platform set to back up the upcoming Rivian R2 and Rivian R3 models.

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According to 9to5Google, Google confirmed that Rivian employs Android Automotive as the “base OS” for its software experience, with Rivian further confirmed to us that, yes, Android Automotive has been integrated as the base of its software since it launched its first R1 launch.

The automaker says that its use of Android Automotive is way too different from offering support for Android Auto.

Android Automotive is an operating system Google has been developing for vehicles to ensure smooth infotainment experience via Android. Although many models of well-known cars brands are effectively running on Android, the Android Automotive allows customisation of the platform to a great extent.

However, they have the option to go with or without a Google services in their cars, something Rivian has gone without, at the moment.

Google I/O highlights: Android Automotive getting Google Cast

Google earlier this week revealed that that vehicles running on Android Automotive will see the integration of more apps as well as Google Cast. While Rivian vehicles are getting Google Cast before any other car brand, they will also receive official support for the YouTube app with the release of an upcoming update.

Rivian in its official blog post boasted its “vertically integrated hardware and software stack” without naming Android Automotive OS.