Rumour suggests A18 chip on all four iPhone 16 models

All iPhone models equipped with an A15 chip had an identifier beginning with 14
An undated image of iPhones. — Pixabay
An undated image of iPhones. — Pixabay

You must be aware of all the rage around the upcoming iPhone series, the iPhone 16 series, which has prompted chaos in the top-tier smartphone landscape.

While so much has already made its way out of the rumour mill around the highest-end iPhone series, enthusiasts seem eager to get insights as to what's going to be under the hood.

Catering to this particular pursuit of iPhone lovers, a fortunate surprise has been covered by Mac World, confirming that Apple is going to release, like most of the iPhone lineups, four models for the iPhone 16 series.

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On top of this claim, code discovered by the publication's sources, familiar with the matter, also points towards the same sort of chip expected to equally power all the iPhone 16 models.

As per the report, listed below are the iPhone identifiers dug out alongside the code.

The code includes the following iPhone identifiers: 

  • iPhone17,1
  • iPhone17,2
  • iPhone17,3
  • iPhone17,4
  • iPhone17,5

In light of these codes, it's clear that all five identifiers begin with the same number, meaning that the iPhone maker is perhaps going to use the same chip on all five iPhone 16 series variants.

Which chip will iPhone 16 offer

What serves as the verifier for these speculations is that Apple usually ties identifiers to chips. This being the cast, every component of the A16 chip is associated with an identifier starting with 15. 

Similarly, all the iPhone models equipped with an A15 chip had an identifier beginning with 14.

If Apple is to keep up with the numbering scheme it has been employing for the past few years, all four models of the iPhone 16 series will be backed by the same chip: the A18 chip.

In case you're mulling over the presence of five identifiers in the face of four models slated for the iPhone 16 series, the possibility is high that the fifth identifier is for the future iPhone SE. However, it's not appropriate to firmly declare it so.

Note that there are five model numbers listed, and only four are likely to be associated with the upcoming ‌iPhone 16‌ lineup. The fifth could potentially be a future iPhone SE, but there's no way to determine what that device is at this time.

When is the new iPhone 16 coming out

As far as the iPhone 16 release date is confirmed, one of the credible sources, quoted by Toms Guide, claimed that the iPhone maker would not be considering any other release schedule — to witness the groundbreaking release of the iPhone 16 series — than its usual one.

This indicates that the latest iPhone series will debut around the fourth quarter of the ongoing year: September.