Rumour suggests TikTok might allow 30-minute-long videos

A renowned tipster spotted feature to upload 30-minute-long videos in iOS beta version of TikTok in UK
A representational image of TikTok logo. — Unsplash
A representational image of TikTok logo. — Unsplash

A recent leak has surfaced online, suggesting that TikTok, a short-form video platform with a massive user base across the globe, is testing a feature to allow videos of up to 30 minutes in length,

Matt Navarra, a renowned tipster and a social media consultant, spotted the new feature in the iOS beta version of the app in the UK, as reported by Tech Crunch

A similar option is being reported in the Android version of the app, but there's no validation regarding it.

If true, the venture for TikTok will mark a departure from the short-form video format, moving into the territory of YouTube. The switch will further blur the boundary that differentiates the niche of YouTube — better known for longer videos — and TikTok — famed for short-form content.

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Although the Chinese video hosting platform is supposedly taking a huge leap by allowing users to upload longer videos, the ability to upload short-form videos is the format that became the reason for TikTok's immense tremendous popularity.

This attempt is not the first from the video-making platform to stretch the length of videos users can upload and watch, as the recently integrated ability to upload 10-minute long videos is evident that it has long been exploring ways to offer longer videos on the platform.

If we cover the entire timeline of TikTok increasing the video length, then the platform first buffed up the limit from 15 seconds to a minute, followed by its extension to three minutes, and then 10 to minutes. Surprisingly, TikTok was also spotted testing a 15-minute video upload limit a few months back.

Nevertheless, the upside of this expected feature would encourage and proffer content creators the ability to explore a different segment of content creation, such as uploading entire podcasts or short films.

So far, there's no official word from the company as to when or if it is planning to release such as feature.