Sam Altman refrains from direct war with Google CEO

Sam Altman criticises Google CEOs during extreme AI competition
An undated image of Sam Altman. — LinkedIn
An undated image of Sam Altman. — LinkedIn

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman’s recent post about OpenAI was full of criticism for the ex and current CEOs of Google ,in which he pointed out the poor leadership abilities in the extreme rivalry in the artificial intelligence (AI) sector, as we know that AI was the hot topic during the current events by OpenAI as well as Google. 

Open AI released the recent version of the AI system, ChatGPT-4o claiming that it is capable of processing data without any efforts, etc.

This was followed by Google, as the Alphabet-owned tech giant released few essential updates to its AI models which possess the release of ‘Project Astra’ with remarkable alterations in Google Search experience.

Altman criticises Google CEOs

OpenAI CEO Altman , however, has decided not to be involved in a direct war instead, he shared his views on X (formerly known as Twitter) in which he compared the AI softwares and discussed the differences between them.

Altman said: "I try not to think about competitors too much, but I cannot stop thinking about the aesthetic difference between OpenAI and Google."

Furthermore, he even posted a few images of his team, sitting in a dimly lit setting encompassing mid century modern decor with a sense of privacy.