Same price, new vibe: Tesla unveils Model 3 makeover

Tesla introduces two head-turning new colours — Stealth Grey and Ultra Red
An undated image of Model 3 sedan. — Tesla
An undated image of Model 3 sedan. — Tesla

Hold onto your steering wheels, car lovers as Tesla unveiled its restyled version of its Model 3 sedan in North America on Wednesday.

Ditch the boring beige, because Tesla has said goodbye to the "performance" variant and introduced two head-turning new colours: —Stealth Grey and Ultra Red.

But that's not all. Buckle up for a rear passenger display, boosted range for the long-range version, and – wait for it – unchanged prices! Yes, you read that right. This electrifying upgrade won't shock your wallet.

Taking to X (formerly known as Twitter) the electric car maker announced the development. It should be noted that Tesla now only lists the rear-wheel drive and the long-range variants on its website.

The current price of Model 3’s rear-wheel drive variant is $38,990 meanwhile its long-range variant costs $45,990.

The electric car maker has also improved the range of its long-range variant to 341 miles, up from the earlier 333 miles.

According to the information on Tesla’s website, both variants' restyled versions feature a rear display for backseat passengers and newly styled wheels.

It should be noted that Tesla first unveiled the restyled Model 3 in China in September 2023 at a higher price. The upgraded car went on sale in Europe a month later.

The Model 3 rear-wheel drive and long-range vehicles became ineligible for the $7,500 federal tax credit at the end last year, based on new guidance under the US Inflation Reduction Act.