Samsung, iFixit discontinue contract over pricing issue

iFixit CEO blames Samsung, says the South Korean tech giant "does not seem interested in enabling repair at scale"
An individual fixing Samsungs device. — Freepik
An individual fixing Samsung's device. — Freepik

iFixit CEO and Co-founder Kyle Wiens on Friday confirmed that the company has failed to renegotiate a contract with Samsung.

Wiens said: "Samsung does not seem interested in enabling repair at scale." He further added that the same deals are going well with other tech giants as well including Google, Motorola and HMD. The CEO shared that the move wouldn’t really affect their market.

While Wiens did not reveal further details about the party at fault but he mentioned that price was the major reason. He elaborated that prices were rising day-by-day while Samsung mobiles are extremely difficult to repair which is also affecting their sales negatively.

According to iFixit, due to an artificial limit in the contract, which restricted the company from selling no more than seven components per client in a three-month period, the Samsung pact would not allow it to assist local repair businesses either.

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Few tipsters, however, stated that Samsung wanted iFixit to share customer’s personal details including emails addresses, purchase history, etc and also wanted to sign a waiver before making a purchase. However, the company is planning to stock the aftermarket as they still have a stock of existing parts of Samsung and according to iFixit, they sell more parts of Samsung.

For every device sold after July 1, 2021, Samsung will be required by law to supply repair tools, parts, software, and documentation in California beginning from July 1, 2024, and extending for a period of seven years.