Samsung Galaxy phones to feature Gaming Hub, soon

Gaming Hub's central point of attraction on Galaxy phones will be Instant Plays feature which would simplify to enter a game
An undated image displaying a person using Gaming Hub on a screen. — Samsung
An undated image displaying a person using Gaming Hub on a screen. — Samsung

Announced two years back from today in 2022, Samsung's Gaming Hub is a platform that allows you to list your favourite titles, explore new, stay posted with the top games remaining in the spotlight, also tap on the perks offered to uplift your big-screen gaming experience.

The gaming platform grabbed headlines and served well users who had long an all-in-one solution for their smart TVs. Good news is that the South Korean giant in the sphere of TV and smartphone making has announced to bring Gaming Hub to Galaxy phones.

Attempting to drive the audience in their favour, a lot of other names have jumped into the bout of cloud gaming. Prolific players on the scene are GeForce Now and Xbox Cloud Gaming, and to our surprise, they apparently doing well to expand the horizon of cloud gaming. 

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Fortunately, Samsung's Gaming Hub emerged to do all these other gaming services are collectively capable of, surpassing them in terms of feasibility of bringing everything on the table. For various reasons, Samsung's gaming app is now being viewed as the flag bearer of proficient cloud gaming platform inside Samsung TVs.

Samsung made the announcement of Gaming Hub coming to Samsung phones at the Game Developers Conference, vowing to expand the service beyond TVs, setting it into people's hands. 

Besides easy access to a variety of gaming services inside Gaming Hub, the central point of attraction is the Instant Plays feature which would simplify to enter a game.

With these functionalities on Galaxy devices in your hand, this would prove a remarkable feat from Samsung, particularly for those keen to indulge in cloud-based gamin. On top of it, this will make it easier for more users to explore cloud games.

The Gaming Hub is also expected to work as a platform where gamers will be able to store downloaded games automatically when they’re added from the Play Store or Samsung's indigenous app marketplace: Galaxy Store.

While insights into the development are yet to be uncovered, Samsung mentioned that the Gaming Hub for mobile is currently in beta with a limited number of games, indicating that the initial catalogue will likely be small.