Samsung Galaxy Ring: All about pre-orders and full-scale release

Galaxy Ring reportedly entered mass production phase during summer of 2023, which hints at its release in early 2024
An undated image of a ring. — Unsplash
An undated image of a ring. — Unsplash

A heap of rumours has been associated with the Korean tech manufacturer Samsung’s much-hyped Galaxy ring, yet the official announcement of this immensely discreet, fitness-tracking wearable is yet to come out.

The snippets, we’ve been hearing about the ring, are now confirming Samsung’s track record of doing justice with the production of smart wearables, like the Samsung Galaxy Gear you might have seen almost a decade back in 2014, and Galaxy Gear Fit too.

Boasting its fitness expertise, the ring is all set to compete, or might even dethrone, with Oura Ring Generation 3, standing as a formidable contender in the field of best smart rings, as noted by Tech Radar.

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Galaxy Ring pre-order date

You might be able to get your hands, or fingers, on the great Samsung Galaxy Ring after the company’s Unpacked event, hopefully to take place on January 17, or the day after.

It wouldn’t be wise to anticipate the pre-order date for the Galaxy Ring in the wake of a never-ending thread of rumours going over our heads, coming out of the internet. But what’s certain is that the Galaxy Ring reportedly entered into the mass production phase during the summer of 2023.

If that happens to hold any ground, then the store shelves will embrace the warmth of the Oura Ring in early 2024.

Galaxy Ring release date

If we expect the debut of the Galaxy Ring during the imminent January 2024 Unpacked event, then the Samsung Galaxy Ring will certainly be released by the end of January 2024.

January has been mentioned under most of the rumours and teases around this wearable, for that is the month we decide our fitness goals for the year and no smart manufacturer would miss this part of the year to release a fitness-tracking wearable.

The dates we’ve provided in this column are spoken by credible and trustworthy tipsters in the industry, which probably makes these dates the best to base the Galaxy Ring release.