Samsung Galaxy Ring launch in the US hinted

Samsung states in the lawsuit that large-scale production of its Galaxy Ring will begin by mid-June
An undated image of Samsung Ring. — Samsung
An undated image of Samsung Ring. — Samsung

Since its announcement at the Galaxy Unpacked event held last year, the Samsung Galaxy Ring has been in the spotlight for a long time, with reliable tipsters reflecting on what it might be capable of and industry insiders assuring of its soon-expected release.

Not only tipsters and analysts, the yet-to-release wearable has also been a part of Samsung's official talks, including its trivial highlights displayed at the MWC 2024, with key specifications and release something what Samsung is yet to provide details about.

Whatsoever, if you too have eagerly been waiting for Samsung Galaxy Ring's release, brace to adorn your fingers with the high-end ring as Samsung has hinted at when it will hit the store shelves in the US.

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Galaxy Ring releasing in August 2024

The development has surfaced from the sidelines of Samsung's lawsuit against Oura, an attempt to dislodge legal challenges brought its way by the Oura manufacturer over alleged patent infringement committed by Samsung.

In the lawsuit, Samsung states that the commencement of large-scale production of its Galaxy Ring will be executed by mid-June. “Samsung will be selling the Galaxy Ring in the United States in or around August of this year,” the company added.

The timeframe mentioned in the petition is quite believable, as the South Korean tech giant is all set to officially launch the Galaxy Ring at its Galaxy Unpacked event slated to be held in Paris, France, on July 10. This is an indication of four weeks being the time enthusiasts will have to wait after pre-orders.

Galaxy Ring price

While nothing concrete has come to light regarding how much Samsung's Galaxy Ring will cost, rumours suggest that it might be available between $300 and $350 in the US.