Samsung Galaxy AI features coming to older models too

Samsung adds bring Circle to Search with Google, Live Translate and Interpreter, Chat Assist, and Generative Edit in certain older models
An undated image displaying Galaxy AI features. — Samsung
An undated image displaying Galaxy AI features. — Samsung

Samsung — the South Korean consumer tech manufacturer — has announced to add Samsung AI features into the older Samsung smartphones.

Right after Samsung launched a spate of its new Galaxy AI features besides the launch of Samsung Galaxy S24 series, Galaxy enthusiasts began awaiting for a comprehensive release of Galaxy AI features, one that would ensure the penetration of these features into every older Galaxy phones.

With the features announced to get integrated into older devices, it seems that Samsung must have considered users' admiration and demand of Galaxy AI features, a move that indicates that the company does not seem to confine these features in Galaxy S24 series.

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AI features are soon to be added into a certain batch of older Samsung devices with the One UI 6.1 Galaxy phone update. Meanwhile, those with Galaxy S23 series and few other devices can run these features after updating.

Which Samsung devices support Galaxy AI features? 

  1. Circle to Search with Google
  2. Live Translate and Interpreter
  3. Chat Assist
  4. Generative Edit

Circle to Search with Google

Circle to Search is a controversial addition to the Galaxy S24 series, introducing a Google-made feature enabling easy access to Google Search within any app. Activated by tapping and holding the navigation bar or home button, it offers search, voice search, and Google Lens functionality, enhancing in-app accessibility and screen capture capabilities.

Live Translate and Interpreter

Live Translate is an innovative feature powered by AI, adding translation capabilities to phone calls seamlessly. It translates and regenerates voices in real-time, allowing smooth communication between different languages. 

The tool functions across devices, with only one end needing Live Translate. Additionally, Interpreter mode streamlines live conversations and simplifies translation processes.

Chat Assist

Samsung Keyboard's Chat Assist, an AI tool, aids in restructuring language across various apps like Google Messages, Samsung Messages, and Telegram. It serves as a translation tool, displaying both original and translated text, ensuring clarity in conversations. Incoming messages receive the same translation treatment, facilitating seamless communication.

Generative Edit

Generative Edit, akin to Google's Magic Editor, is a robust tool by Samsung. It enables object extraction and manipulation within images with AI assistance. While it competes strongly with Google's version, its performance in generating backgrounds or objects is satisfactory, promising future enhancements and expanded applications as development progresses.

Galaxy AI features coming to these models

As per the company, the One UI 6.1 update will be added into the following Galaxy devices with the AI features listed below.

  • Galaxy S23 FE
  • Galaxy S23
  • Galaxy S23+
  • Galaxy S23 Ultra
  • Galaxy Z Fold 5
  • Galaxy Z Flip 5
  • Tab S9 Ultra
  • Tab S9+
  • Tab S9